Photo of Jonathon Toon

Jonathon Toon

Software Designer


I am a software designer with over twelve years of experience in designing both consumer and business products, honed through collaboration with talented teams from the United States, Japan, and Australia.

Now, after many years away I'm back home. Living in Canterbury, New Zealand. Where I spend my time working to understand how design can help everyday New Zealanders, while reading about the history of video game development and riding track bikes.


Topics that occupy my time, capturing my curiosity and driving my learning:

  • Product Discovery
  • Mentorship, Coaching
  • Game Design, Theory
  • TypeScript, Lua


Presently I remotely lead design at Moneytree as a fractional Director of Design, building Japan's privacy-first financial data platform. Before that I worked with product and design teams at Rainforest, Origami, Xero and Facebook.

For more details feel free to reach out and I'll be happy to provide a more in-depth overview.


A few ideas that I've gone ahead and built in my spare time. You can support them if you like by donating here.

  • Gomoku Narabe — A PICO-8 game of Gomoku against an entertaining AI player.
  • Manifest — An incredibly simple grid-based pinboard for note taking.
  • Tweet Tray — Compose tweets quickly from the desktop without any distractions.
  • PICO-8 Styles — A set of Figma color styles from the fantasy console PICO-8.