Jonathon Toon

Software Designer


I'm a New Zealand-born, multi-disciplinary designer, with over 9 years experience.

Right now I'm based in Australia. But over the last decade I've spent time living in Japan and the United States.


Most recently I led a team of remote product and brand designers at Rainforest. Before that I worked across product and design teams at Moneytree, Origami, and Facebook.

For more details you can find the latest version of my resume here.


Things I spend my time reading over, tinkering with and learning about.

  • Open-Source Technologies
  • Cryptography
  • Game Design / Theory
  • TypeScript / Lua


A few ideas that I've gone ahead and built in my spare time. You can support them if you like by donating here.

  • Manifest — An incredibly simple grid-based pinboard for note taking.
  • Tweet Tray — Compose tweets quickly from the desktop without any distractions.