Ratio by Floating Points

I first discovered Floating Points many years ago on the tail end of Praveen’s (half of Sepalcure / aka Braille) first Lovestep mix and upon hearing it my ears were instantly demanding to hear more of this style. For whatever reason though, I blame it on 2009 internet discoverability, I didn’t find much else until the release of 2011’s Shadows EP in which the tracks ARP3 and Sais immediately delivered more of that sound I craved.

Fast forward to 5 years later and we’ve had another brilliant released with 2016’s Elaenia, followed by this post’s title track Ratio. I’ll let you as the reader decide ultimately what you think, but Ratio is a perfect blend in my mind of techno, jazz, glitch and some good old fashioned bass music.

A solid pair of headphones are most definitely recommended.